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The birth of Essaywall


Essaywall started in 2011, after the writer Charlie Wilson essay The Shadow Scholar provoked endless hand-wringing and discussion about several converging trends: Un- and underemployment among academics, an economy where college is just about the only path to a hope of a middle class existence, students who feel disconnected from an increasingly impersonal, job training-focused educational experience, apathetic and overworked (Essaywall) professors without the time to do forensic analysis of written assignments, and of course, the rise of digital tools like Turnitin.
Beginning with just one professor and an entrepreneur, we have expanded over the years to include a wide variety of specialists from almost every field. We were the first in the business to use auction-style pricing models, the first to innovate with creative promotions like free condoms and hilarious videos, and the first to sponsor a scholarship.


Over the years, we’ve made some improvements to our site and our processes, but we’ve kept our core mission the same. We’ve improved the customer experience with updated interfaces, added groundbreaking options like payment in crypto, and chosen to provide plagiarism-free certification for each document, among many other changes (including some that are under the hood and kind of boring!). But the core value of the company has always remained the same: We provide extensively-researched custom-written solutions on any topic and on any deadline. We provide the best writing because we have the best writers. We have the happiest customers because they are at the core of what we do.

To sum it all up, Unemployed Professors has always differentiated itself in the industry in several key ways: We only hire verified and credentialed academics with teaching experience, we function as a customer-centered company, and we have a sense of humor. We are the best in the business at writing unique essays, along with every other form of writing, and we get results. We’ve written hundreds of thousands of essays over the year


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